Level 4 Night Club

Liquid Nightclub, Ipswich
Creative Commons License photo credit: *saxon*

Level 4 is a self proclaimed Vegas-Style night club located in Waikiki. Although it sounds appealing, the idea of this club is unfortunately better than its reality. Not only is the cover charge expensive, but the drinks are also overpriced. The bouncers are rude and impatient, which was unecessary considering the club was no where near full to capacity. Nothing about this club did Las Vegas any justice; everything from the music to the atmosphere was a disappointment. Hopefully Level 4 does not deter those who have not yet been to Vegas from going.  The popped collar crew also goes to level 4.

Hawaii Shark Encounters

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeff Kubina

Hawaii Shark Encounters is a professional cage diving organization that allows people of all ages to experience the thrill of coming face to face with real live sharks! Operating out of Haliewa Harbor on Oahu’s North Shore, the crew of Hawaii Shark Encounters carries its passengers 3 miles off the coast to the dive site. From the minute the boat arrives, sharks begin to surface all around, enticed by the sound of the engine. Once the boat is secured alongside the dive cage, the crew provides its passengers with snorkels, and the first group climbs into the cage. The moment you look underwater, the real excitement begins! The naturally curious sharks circle the cage close enough for you to reach out and touch, (which is not recommended if you want to go home with all of your limbs!). The 30 minutes that you spend in the water is absolutely filled with excitement, and also allows you to view sharks in a different light; not as mindless killers, but as truly magnificent creatures. This is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing things that I have ever done on this island! Whether you are just visiting or have lived on Oahu all of your life, this experience is not to be missed.


Formaggio Grill

red red wine
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Formaggio Grill is simply the perfect place for those desiring a fine gourmet dining experience while enjoying a fun and casual atmosphere. Located in the heart of Kailua Town, Formaggio’s offers a truly upscale setting from the modern table arrangements and custom décor, (work of local artist Ron Genta), to the exquisite wine list and dinner menu. The term ‘casual’ describes not only the appropriate restaurant attire, but also layout of the restaurant. The focal point is undoubtedly the kitchen which is in open view to diners, and offers bar style seating for guest to enjoy their meal while watching the chefs work their magic.  The impressive wine list includes nearly 50 different selections, and provides both a description of wine and a suggestion of how they are best paired with your meal. From the appetizers to the entrées, the menu at Formaggio’s offers gourmet selections that are delicious and surprisingly affordable given the quality.  Altogether, the fine food, atmosphere, and first class service make Formaggio Grill one of the best restaurants on the Windward side

The Messy Maids

trash can / ゴミ箱
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The Maids Home Service is a professional residential cleaning service that claims to expertly provide everything from general housekeeping to carpet and window cleaning. When I moved out of my last apartment,  I hired The Maids to clean 2 bathrooms, sweep the kitchen, and clean out one refrigerator, which is not a significantly big job considering the house had been kept very clean. After 2 hours, The Maids had only finished cleaning one bathroom, cleaned the refrigerator, and swept the dirt from the kitchen into a pile in the middle of the floor. This would not have presented a problem had they not been charging almost $140 an hour; at that rate it would have cost about $700 for them to finish!  I asked The Maids to leave and requested a refund, but because they did not finish the job they would only refund half. This company basically took advantage of me by dragging out a small job in order to make more money. Take your business elsewhere!

Windward Isle Properties

Plateau de La Godivelle - 05-05-2007 - 13h21
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Windward Isle Properties is an organization designed to offer real estate services to buyers, sellers, and renters. Having rented from them, I must say that I was initially impressed with their services. However, when the time came to move out I was shocked by how much of hassle they gave me. They required a professional to come in and clean the house, which is understandable. Although, the only companies that Windward Isle Properties seemed to think did an acceptable job were those that they recommended; companies that also charged $200-$300 more than the competitors.  Because of this, I would not recommend this company to renters.